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Internal Content Generation Sprints

The CFDE Coordinating Center will host two content generation sprints for DCCs and R03 recipients to produce annotations for CFDE Portal gene, anatomy, compounds, and diseases pages. The first sprint will be from June 27 - July 1, 2022 and the second will be August 8 - 12, 2022. These are part of the larger effort to expand and showcase CFDE capabilities in preparation for the September demo to the Council of Councils.

Who should participate?

Do you have information on genes, anatomy terms, compounds, and diseases that don't fit within the current Crosscut Metadata Model (C2M2)? If so, we want you to come to this sprint so that we can work together to add this information to the portal!


We hope you will participate, and we will do our best to accommodate schedule requests! Please fill out any blackout dates and provide your preliminary ideas here:

Sprint 1: June 27 - July 1, 2022

Day Time Topic
Monday 6/27 TBD Discussion of data and goals
Tuesday 6/28 9 am - 2 pm PT Available on slack at #content-generation-sprint
Wednesday 6/29 9 am - 2 pm PT Available on slack at #content-generation-sprint
Thursday 6/30 TBD Wrap-up, future directions, feedback

Sprint 2: August 8 - 12, 2022

The schedule for Sprint 2 will be posted in late July or early August.

CFDE Portal Annotations

The CFDE Portal can now support annotating controlled vocabulary pages with additional information. These annotations enrich existing pages by linking to external pages and metadata or interactive modules. These sprints will focus on generating annotations for gene, anatomy, compound, and disease pages.

See examples of annotated Gene and Anatomy pages under the “Resources” category:

Annotations must be written in a custom Markdown text format, and submitted to the CFDE-CC through a simple GitHub-based process. Importantly, annotations can be updated between portal data releases, on a semi-monthly schedule. At present we have a running list of items that we know are available, and would like to use these sprints to help prioritize our activities.

We at the CFDE-CC will provide technical support while groups brainstorm and work together on building annotation-generating workflows throughout this sprint.

Event Details

On Monday, 6/27, we will post materials and a video about how to import data into the portal. We are happy to schedule a meeting the week of 6/27 - 7/1 with anyone who is interested! Please reach out to to schedule.

Throughout the week we will be available to answer questions over GitHub and the #content-generation-sprint slack channel. We’ll be most available during the hours of 9 am - 2 pm PT. Most work will be asynchronous, but we're happy to schedule additional meetings if need arises!